What we do

We help innovative companies acquire, create and curate community-focused environments that unlock significant value and business opportunities.

The information revolution has been the catalyst for the most significant change in business since the industrial revolution.

A well-curated community and supportive environment are powerful tools that help organizations mitigate their exposure to these risks while also positioning them to take full advantage of new opportunities.

A Well Curated Community

thinkMESH uses a proprietary consulting and technology methodology that enables organizations to acquire, create and curate environments that support open, purpose-driven communities.

The methodology has three distinct but interoperable components:


The commercial real estate market is inefficient and incapable of providing efficient solutions that meet the needs and expectations of occupiers.

While there are many exceptions, it’s not uncommon for information to be controlled by third parties and used selectively to secure an outcome that maximizes their benefit, quite often to the detriment of the tenant and landlord.

MESH.space is a digital platform that was created to ensure information is freely available to all parts of the market. This will enable owners and occupiers to shape informed and ultimately more efficient solutions.

MESH.space incentivizes landlords, tenants, and their representatives to adopt a community first approach when solving their property needs.

MESH.space composition
MESH.create composition

MESH.create helps companies take a “holistic” community first approach to the design, creation, and curation of working environments. This includes but is not limited to the physical, cultural and social components of the environment.

MESH.create includes a broad range of activities that are critical to creating and curating a high performing community and environment. This includes activities like strategic planning right through to operating plans, budgets and measures of success.


MESH.curate focuses on the management, measurement and iterative improvement of the “environment.”

MESH.curate prepares communities to manage the environment on day 1 while also ensuring the performance is measured so the environment can evolve over time.

In the early stages, the community and environment will need to be socially engineered to embed and reward an appropriate set of behaviors.

As the community evolves the workplace needs to curated to maintain relevancy and ensure the guiding principles remain at the centre the communities values and culture.

MESH.curate composition

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