Why disrupt the status quo?

Put simply; without significant disruption, the commercial real estate market is incapable of providing the innovative solutions owners and occupiers need to capitalise on opportunities presented by the 4th industrial revolution  & win the future.

Software is eating the world

A prophetic phrase first coined by Marc Andreessen in 2011. Fast forward to 2018, and the fourth industrial revolution is disrupting every industry. According to Peter Nanteme, Accenture’s CEO; “Digital is the main reason just over half of the companies in the Fortune 500 have disappeared since the year 2000.” The disruption is impacting traditional businesses across all industries at unprecedented levels and speed.

The Reciprocity Advantage

If organisations want to win the future, they must be open by default and have a culture that embraces behaviours consistent with reciprocity and partnering.

Individuals and organisations will need to become human API’s, instinctively partnering with appropriate organisations, efficiently exchanging information resulting in mutually beneficial business outcomes.

“Taking a partnership-first mindset requires a business to disrupt its traditional practices and old ways of operating. They are being forced to acknowledge their industry is no longer a zero-sum game and that the focus needs to be on growing the overall pie, not just their piece.”

World Economic Forum – 4th Industrial Revolution

Community and Reciprocity are integral to winning the future in business

In times of massive disruption and uncertainty, Communities will be the trusted structure businesses use to MESH with other companies, customers and staff, whether they be local, remote, online or offline.

This MESHing will manifest itself in the form of strategic alliances, partnerships, joint ventures and informal agreements. All of which with reciprocity being a key tenet.

The thinkMESH methodology places efficiency, community, reciprocity and a holistic view of the environment at the core of all real estate and workplace decisions.

thinkMESH adopts a holistic view of "environment" by placing an equal focus, value, and investment on the following key environmental elements:

1. Physical

2. Social,

3. Cultural,

4. B2B / Commercial

The thinkMESH methodology consists of three interoperable pillars

1. MESH.space

2. MESH.create

3. MESH.curate

1. MESH.space

MESH.space is a digital platform designed to unlock significant value for owners and occupiers.

The platform is powered by an AI-informed algorithm that provides owners and occupiers with critical market insights previously not available. Armed with this knowledge, owners and occupiers will, for the first time, be equally informed and in a position to shape fact-based solutions that address their exact needs.



MESH.create takes a holistic approach to creating communities and their environments.

MESH.create looks at not only the physical environment but also the social, cultural and B2B / Commercial elements of a working environment.

Each of these elements are carefully considered when creating the community and designing the supporting environment


MESH.curate brings the planning and design to life.

It’s critical the Community team actively curate, measure and iteratively improve the service across the four environmental elements. This ensures the environment remains aligned with evolving community need.

There must be a direct measurable link between community initiatives, engagement and business outcomes.

MESH Curate

Organisations who have worked or are currently working with thinkMESH

thinkMESH provides organisations with the knowledge and tools they require to use their environment (physical, social. cultural and B2B) to secure a competitive advantage at a time of incredible disruption and uncertainty.

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