thinkMESH was created to disrupt this status quo and unlock considerable value for owners and occupiers of commercial real estate

Modern organisations see their workplaces as business critical pieces of infrastructure capable of propelling them towards their goals at a greater velocity.

Workplaces are a highly visible and tactile manifestation of who companies are and what they stand for.

thinkMESH uses a proprietary consulting and technology platform and methodology that enables organisations to acquire, create and curate environments that support open, purpose-driven communities.

Modern Organisation

What We Believe?

A winning company culture is underpinned by a foundational belief that success is reliant upon an organisations ability to amplify their strengths and negate their weaknesses by seamlessly interacting with colleagues and partners within other organisations.

Companies preparing to win the future of business are out in their marketplaces creating communities, forging alliances, and building partnerships with like-minded, complementary businesses and individuals.

They are becoming known for their values driven culture that rewards individuals and teams who are working hard to become “human APIs” designed to increase the speed at which we share knowledge. 

The Team

Brent Harman

Brent Harman

Brent is a senior executive with a proven track record of helping organisations innovate to capture the benefits of disruption. Brent built this track record while leading Experience, People and Real Estate functions for both disruptees and disruptors.

Brent founded thinkMESH in 2018 to disrupt the status quo and create a more efficient commercial real estate market. thinkMESH use a proprietary technology and consulting methodology which unlocks significant value not being realised in today’s market.

Prior to founding thinkMESH, Brent spent 4 years at Atlassian where he was the Global Head of Experience and Real Estate. While at Atlassian, Brent reported to the Chief People Officer and had global responsibility for Experience, Culture, Real Estate, Workplace, and Projects.

Before joining Atlassian, Brent spent seven years at Fairfax Media where he built the companies Workplace Services and Real Estate support function from scratch.

While at Fairfax, Brent formulated a strategy to provide Fairfax journalists with an innovative modern high-performing workplace. Brent’s workplace strategy help to accelerate Fairfax’s transition, from a legacy newspaper company to a multi-platform media company. Brent’s innovative workplace solution secured a global innovation award for Fairfax.

Brent is passionate about providing compelling work environments and experiences that align with a company’s values. He believes that lived experience is the single most effective way to shape culture and embed values in an organisation.

Brent is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and holds a Bachelor of Land Economics from the University of Technology in Sydney.

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